Sunday, December 30, 2007

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez Discovery Channel

The video clip is segment from the Discovery Channel feturing legendary kickboxing champion Benny "The Jet" Urquidez.

Benny Urquidez (born June 20, 1952) is an American kickboxer, martial arts choreographer and actor. He is the pioneer and one of the most toughest competitor from U.S.A, for the sports that was called contact Karate or Kickboxing as it is popularly known. One fighter from U. S.A who was tough even with the Japanese and Thai contact fighters.

I remember reading his book 'Training and Fighting skills', one of the best and helpful book i felt out of many others books i read then.

Black Belt Magazine voted Urquidez "Fighter of the Year" in 1978.

Urquidez played a leading role in various martial arts movies. The first was Force: Five (1981) starring other four contemporary authentic martial artist like Joe Lewis and Bong Soo Han. Later, he made two movies with superstar Jackie Chan: Wheels on Meals (1984) and Dragons Forever (1988)

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, has also teamed up with worl famous Lee Strasberg theater institute, and offers stunt classes. Benny has an official fan club stores for his martial arts books and dvd, apparel, sparring gear, training aids.

One can also watch some of his fights online on his website. Back turning side kick was one of his best weapon due to the short height of his tough and trained body.

Japanese people could not believe first when their fighting superstars where knocked down by Benny, later they even created a comic book in his honor.

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