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Masters of Mixed Martial Arts - National Geographic Video

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Uncover the science behind Mixed Martial Arts as technology tests the limits of some of the greatest MMA masters. Fight Science: Mixed Martial Arts : SUN JANUARY 27 8P et/pt :
Uncover the science behind Mixed Martial Arts as technology tests the limits of some of the greatest MMA masters.

Fight Science: Mixed Martial Arts :
SUN JANUARY 27 8P et/pt :

Some comments from you tube for this video. The comments are from different viewers on the you tube and not of the author of this blog. However the discussions on the you tube are many a times educative as hard core fans of MMA puts their comments. Some comments might just be cain. However not all but selected comments and discussions have been posted.

Face it boxing is a dying sport and its going to stay dead.
MMA is were its at now you need more skill and guts to step in any MMA fight.

Skill in this matter means branded and violent.

In boxing there is a greater chance to get knocked out but no one hates it as much as MMA. Sure MMA might be brutish at times but hey some people love the skill involved in it and some like it cause they love seeing people beat the shit out of each other. So yeah go watch your bowling and swimming sports and shut up. I know for sure you wouldn't tell a MMA fighter they are brutes and insult the sport in front of them.

Have fun beating off to Joe Rogan while that "dead" sport continues to outperform anything MMA can even dream of.

ur confusing athleticism with sportsmanship
Tyson was one of the greatest athletes of all time and he lacked any form of sportsmanship (and sanity)
and they arent allowed to kick them in the head anymore so its not as brutal as u seem to think it is
besides they know the rules if they weren't okay with it they wouldn't get in the cage

"considering they are beating defenseless people on the ground?"

If someone is not intelligently defending himself, the ref stops the fight.

It's clear you know very little about MMA. If you don't want to take the time to properly educate yourself, don't even comment on the subject, as it makes you look silly.

my introduction to mixed martial arts was when i started to learn boxing as a little kid. i'm a huge boxing fan but lets face it, boxing is dying. their events are so boring compared to UFC. and ufc is real fighting. if i ever get in a street fight i do not rely on boxing, muay thai and especially brazilian jiu jitsu are much more effective in defending yourself. UFC and MMA in gerneal are the future of the combat sports, not boxing and this is coming from someone who loves boxing

but you should keep your boxing up it build coordination and has been said to have the strongest punch not to mention if also gives you good combination you should also try take elements from many different martial arts like kung fu taekwondo and on top of your mix martial arts it will make you a more better fighter i know it sounds lame but try be like batman and try to master as many martial arts as you can there are tons of techniques out there that can enhance your game

i started training when i was 16 but dam im training hard, did karate as a kid and doing muay thai now aswell as boxing and learning some submission arts... cant wait till i get into this when im 19 :D my goal in life atm... its just epic... 5 stars *****

the true master of mma is fedor emelianenko

Emelianenko=battle tested beast

There should be one event once a year where the top fighters go at it...he just might take it all

also just to let you know about the whole boxing is dead they are scare to let mike tyson in mma cause his boxing combine with his strength in a anything goes match he may kill someone and that coming from the actual organization

Best strategy is TKD .. foot sweeps and back and proper crescent kicks .. back off and let the opponent advance (has to open himself to counter-strike if he's advancing). Nice crescent kick or front snap. You have to do your stretches to have these in your arsenal. Constantly assess if you're in control - back up or front snap. Keep heel planted <<. These guys don't know their TKD (or they'd use it). I have to protect my opponent from really demo'ing himself - no overkill a la Tito. you´re kidding, right? TKD is a sport, not a martial art. you can find videos of TKD vs mma and they all end the same way: TKD guy misses a kick and the mma guy takes him to the ground, where TKD is useless. Splat blood over there face and fighter's face.... Don't tell me they can't get AIDS/HIV. UFC makes $2,000 per fighting. That's not real job either. How many UFC/MMA fighter made millions? WWE got twice more salary than UFC/MMA fighter. UFC/MMA are armature fighters aren't professional. It's dirty fight. lol and wrestlers are real fighters? they get those kind of salaries because stupid people go watch them.....its a fucken joke "WWE got twice more salary than UFC/MMA fighter. UFC/MMA are armature fighters aren't professional. It's dirty fight. " replace WWE with UFC, and that statement would be correct. Except WWE does pay more. As it is an entertainment program, not a real sport. οk then,go watch rey mysterio and the other actors of the wwe pretending to get hurt Wasted movements? Form training is just training you to be comfortable fighting strong side and weak side. Also meant for muscle memory with certain movements from your opponent. Also ground game is very overrated since you to get your opponent to the ground. Some guys don't want to fight on the ground so guess what happens they dont. Its understanding that decides fights. What your skills are and weakness and sticking to a planned attack.Styles have very little to do with actual fighting.Its smarts there r wasted movements its second only to capoeira in that department and no ground game is not over rated without it ur garbage plain and simple if u don't know how to defend against a take down or fight on the ground any high school jock will be able to whoop ur ass and smarts don't really help when u dont have time to think That's stupid! In the tough man competition where regular people fought for money a guy beat two football players that came originally to watch.Also many fights where the guys doesnt want to go to the ground they dont. herring vs noguria,cro crop vs yoshida, henderson vs gracie.The ground game is terrible overrated.Also im pretty sure anyone whos done full contact fighting understands distance and timing. Also when you don't think in a fight your just stupid and wont win.Machida vs ortiz(examples)
u mentioned gracie didn't u?
look royce did to every striker in the early ufc he destroyed them
im not saying striking isnt important but without a ground game ur garbage
as for not thinking if uve ever been in a fight u would know that almost everything u do is on instinct until it goes to the ground and then it becomes a thinking game

Your point is well taken but he didnt beat good strikers and when him and his family went to japan they lost many fights to strikers and grappplers.The early ufc were mostly meat heads who weren't great at the stand up game therefore there on different levels on the ladder of martial arts so thats not a great comparison. Thats like me saying look at cung le or melvin manhoef. Obviously if you have a good ground game and the other person isnt great anything the grappler has the advantage, viceversa

Your point is well taken but he didn't beat good strikers and when him and his family went to japan they lost many fights to strikers and grappplers.The early ufc were mostly meat heads who weren't great at the stand up game therefore there on different levels on the ladder of martial arts so thats not a great comparison. That's like me saying look at cung le or melvin manhoef. Obviously if you have a good ground game and the other person isnt great anything the grapple has the advantage, viceversa

Ur joking right. In MMA people actually hit the other person, not make noise and pretend to hit they guy. And if u bring up suplexes or anything like that, remember that wrestlers jump and move with the other so it's easy to perform the move. Not to mention the ring has alot of give to it making the impact less painful if at all. And injuries the guys get in WWE is by pure acident just like any sport, say performing a move wrong. MMA guy get they're injuries from actually being hit, & hit hard

ur a fool.. Lol mma Training is much more intense than WWE training. MMA guys are much stronger pound for pound than wwe wrestlers.

LOL - The only one having gay thoughts while watching the UFC is you buddy, not the fighters. If I were you, I wouldn't be admitting that you have gay thoughts when you see men grapple... that makes you the fag.

i know, some of them were talented and were athletes, but alot of them worked out just for show, if u look there is a vid of undertaker and someone else asking Ricky hatton about training, and how he can still fight and train all those hours.. Most WWE guys just take roids and diet and lift weights like a body builder. They have no idea about explosive strength or conditioning training.

yeah, i used to watch WWE and noticed now that the undertaker was at one time an actual fighter, one way you can tell is the stance

what kind of stupid comment , wwe is an act, ok there are risks involved like with everything else, accidents happen , thats all ... mma fighters are true athletes who go though years of training and physical conidtioning to fight in such a dangerous sport ... your comment was the stupidest thing ive ever head

sorry to say, but MMA is majorly BJJ. the strikes in MMA have almost no use.

Until you fight loyto machida... then your like damnit i wish i had more striking capabilities.

There are just as many if not more knockouts than submissions. Striking is very relevant in MMA so you really should be sorry to say.

really? Because chuck liddel in his prime, lyoto machida, anderson silva, some GSP fights, rich franklin, and many other fighters seem to make good use of it. Yeas they know wrestling and BJJ but it depends on the individual and what he excels most at and who he is fighting

are you retarded? you have obviously never watched a real ufc fight. how do you think guys get stitches and cuts while they are fighting? lol.

yes they do, if there gonna get a successful take down they need to get some good strikes and combos in or a shot to the face to disorient their opponent making a good take down with an advantageous landing position

How can you train to get impacts the only way you can do that is to get punched right which is just comp?

can you hit with your elbows and knee in mma?

do you mean bouncer? I do MMA myself sence I was 3 years old I leared to walk in my dads dojo. I dont know do you know lots of styles like stand up grappling and ground , even though you never use ground on the street wich is like the number 1 rule

Mma is not a fighting style

problem with MMA. they don't cover health insurance such as AIDS/HIV because of bloodspat.

you dont think they test for that and hepatitis a,b and c? its a prerequisite for most other combat sports

Yeah they do that in all fighting man
boxing, mma, and wrestling even though matches are set up those dudes still get injured and cut.

this seriously looks like a video games, mixed martial arts, 2 people with a bunch of different attacks

dont forget that they make severe medical exams to this guys.

"UFC is now becoming one the worlds most popular sport" lol ffs, the sport is called MMA, UFC is just an organization -.

UFC is a competition within the MMA genre. Mixed Martial Arts is the sport, UFC the competition, ok?

UFC is the name of the organisation that simply organizes the fights, there are other organisations and leagues that do the same. In the same way that the NFL for example organises American Football.

MMA is mixed martial arts which is simply a style of fighting which utilises many different disciplines. An MMA fighter may use any techniques taken from any of the martial or combat arts.
So....the UFC is an organisation which hosts MMA fights, simple.

I watched an even funnier video yesterday. It was called "Quad-The Jocks." Check it out.

What that NEW AGE fighters was supposed to mean?? the New Age movement

these guys do ji jutsu and some do shotoken karate so they r fast jeez don't speak if u haven't seen ufc or any mma fights

try to fight a real fight with acrobatics and you ll be eating dirt before you go .
I totally respect kung fu as all arts but i hate people that say such idiotic things.

haha please never say such stupid think any more, i think u've been watching jacky chan movies a lot.. those guys will rip off u're kung fu masters legs

seeing that i'm a practitioner of gong fu and wushu i think i know what i'm talking about. in fact i've only seen one movie with jacky chan in it. these MMA fighters may be strong but they are not fast enough to catch a gong fu master. They also have no technique. they use their strength for everything. why you strength when you can use strategy and leverage. I don't think you know the true power of shaolin gong fu.

i feel it is stupid to disregard any legitimate fighting style. what may work for one person will feel totally unnatural to another person. i also feel that there is s much that hasn't been done in the UFC yet.

wow... you act as if a gong fu master is defenseless against an MMA practitioner. we are taught ways of defending against all types attacks in gong fu. You've obviously never tried gong fu because if you did you'd know that our art is extremely versatile, like MMA, unlike karate or taekwondo. and yes, we even have wrestling (shuai jiao) and grappling techniques (qinna). A practitioner of gong fu would expect any attack from an MMA fighter. oh and once again, these men wouldn't be fast enough to

You've been watching to many Bruce Lee movies.

nothing wrong with that, Bruce Lee pretty much came up with MMA with his JKD concept.

but to turn that whole thing around and apply that to kung fu is in itself pretty ignorance. Those flips are to maintain flexibility, balance and, more rarely escape or confusion.
Chinese kung fu is actually very good against straight-forward aggressors, but it can't be classified as one simple art, it's too broad.

All ufc fighters Now specialize in 2 different martial arts
The most popular is Jujitsu< grappeling and ground fighting And Kickboxing The Asians are too weak and not powerful enough to compete against the europeans and Americans How easily people will lash out against what they do not or can not comprehend. I wish all the internet tough guys would get over the fact that millions of people study thousands of styles of martial arts and many of those styles actually can serve as defensive styles in a street situation. No one art dominates all others, no one person will beat all others. We train how we feel we need to, let it be just that. true true, even if one art was somehow "superior" it would be pretty damn hard to measure that. one thing stupid about NatGeo's fight science is the fact that they used different weighted people in the punch/kick tests and in testing "MMA" they used all heavyweights. LOL. dude its called mixed martial arts. so you and your yed friends can go and sell fried cockroaches does anyone see the information learned from these tests will probably be used by some bleeding heart types to justify banning this sport? Some kids are gonna do this stuff in a backyard and someone is going to get hurt(inevitable), lawyers called, lawsuits filed and then some politician who is up for re-election will get involved and laws passed and the end of MMA.
Bas Rutten is the man!

...continued: these men wouldn't be fast enough to grab the leg of a shaolin monk. also, have you ever heard of iron body skill? if not you should look it up. throwing a shaolin monk on the ground head first wouldn't do any damage at all. in fact they probably wouldn't even feel it. iron skull training.

Have you ever seen a shaolin monk fighting in a real competition ? No. And why ? Because they know they will get their asses kicked. Even Jet Lit made a movie with MMA Fighters and he said "These guys are REAL fighters, in a real fight I wouldn't last 1 round with one of them"

yes, i have seen one in a real competition. many of them. and jet li is for one a wushu practitioner, which is a demonstrative sport. there is a huge difference between wushu and gong fu. real gong fu isn't in the movies. and what movie would that be?

The name of the movie is Cradle 2 The Grave. Check the extras, there's an interview with him. Name one of the gong fu/kung fu fighters fighting professionally ? And don't say Cung Le cause he's a San Shou fighter, that's Chinese Boxing. Forget about MMA. You don't even see a Kung Fu fighter in K-1. So let's hope that you might be the one who became a efficient Kung Fu fighter and become famous.

well, my shifu says i show much promise and he expects i'll be rather good if i continue my training like i have. i wish to show the world that not only can gong fu be an efficient fighting art, but that a girl can be just as good if not better at than a man as well.

theyre not trying to take you down to hurt you. they take you down and submit you lol

The difference is that this is martial sports and it can't be compared to concepts used in martial arts. Many moves that MA's use are illegal in UFC fights because they are too dangerous. Seriously if every martial artist had the same training as UFC fighters, these guys would be inferior. Especially because in real life these guy couldn't effectively defend against multiple or armed attackers.

When does a martial art turn into a sport?...
When the focus goes from killing to scoring points.

his knd of ufc fighting isnt efficient. i could easily k.o. someone who uses it by kicking them in the throat. kicking is way more useful in a fight than punching because you get the distance advantage because your legs are longer than your arms. low kicks are easier to block and they dont hurt as much as getting kicked in the ribs or neck. and that gay jujitsu grabbing crap isnt good either. i say the best fighting styles are Jeet kune do and Jun Fan.

I notice you havent been in any cage fight or mma fight=) Sure Jeet kune do and Jun Fan are both excelent seldefence martial arts. But will it realy work in a cage fight? And belive me there are good kickers in this sport and they don't get that much advantage from the kicking range. If i would meet you in a cage fight and you where kicking most i would read you when you want to kick when you reakt keep distance and then pow get you on the ground=)

Lol, try and kick any ufc fighter. They would grab your leg and submit you in a heartbeat with that Jujitsu crap.

Actually it's a common misconception that you have more reach with your legs than with your arms.

If you are a good martial artist you have the same reach with either.

it's just the majority of people kick more than they punch.

Uh...I can fairly convincingly prove that you have more reach with your legs than with your arms. Without the use of footwork you most definitely do. Stepping in with a jab is one thing; reach is determined from a stationary position.

For example. a leg kick can be thrown from well outside punching range, especially because of the lean involved in applying hip torque to the kick.

I'd like to see you do the throat-kick to a training dummy and post it on youtube.

Believe me - it's not as easy as it seems even on stationary target. And true to the spirit of JKD, it is even more difficult to real (especially trained) opponents which will react to protect their necks.

Unless you kick low to the side of the knee, that's when it's really effective, who started thinking flashy kicks were good?

Kicking to the side of the knee is a bad idea. The knee joint, when bent, is the strongest link in your leg. Far better to attack the thigh, which is a soft target to which MUCH more damage can be done.

The thigh has a pressure point in it as well, but you would knee that. You would kick the knee in the unnatural bend, it's very dangerous and a cruel move though.

Pressure point? Nothing to do with it. It's blunt force trauma. It causes the leg to sieze and deaden and causes extreme pain. One or two full-powered leg kicks and most people won't be able to put any weight on it at all.

Wheras the knee, when bent as it should be in any decent stance, is a much stronger part of the leg. Kicks to it are much less effective.

Well there is a pressure point on the side of the thigh and right on the side of the knee *inside* the leg. Furthermore a kick "perhaps the right word would be a stomp" is a very nasty and vicious move to do to someone at their knees, they'd have to be trained enough to move or bend their leg in the appropriate direction and even then it is hard to see coming. For the average person they'd never see it.

Uh, no. You gigantic douche. It is not a pressure point at all.

Ever been given a dead arm? That's not a pressure point. Ever been knocked unconscious with a punch to the jaw? That's not a pressure point either.

If you consider every point which causes damage to be a pressure point then making the distinction between a pressure point and an effective strike is pointless.

It is NOT a pressure point.

to bad kicks aren't nearly as coordinated as punches and open u up to sweeps and throws
besides the mma fighters guard is strongest around the neck and jaw so not only would a neck kick fail almost all the time that would be one of the easiest ones to catch
and how exactly would that "gay jiu jitsu crap" not work?
if u still think kicking is better than punching look up the jerome lebanner vs park yong soo fight it

Depends on whos throwing the kicks and punches. If someones throwing a fast round house its not gonna be the easiest thing to catch.

Had to stop about 15 secs in when the narrator said, "UFC is now becoming one of the world's most popular sports". Do they do any research or editing before these stories? The UFC isn't a sport; MMA is a sport.

UFC is NOT a sport. UFC is the league, MMA is the sport. Don't throw the word retard around if you're just going to be ignorant...

MMA if you think about it is it's own fighting style. It's mixed martial arts because they mix it up. Only from kickboxing styles if you notice. Muay Thai, etc. However. They only use a fraction of the style. A small fraction to be exact. If you were to put up an MMA fighter against a pure style fighter, more than likely, the MMA fighter will lose. Fusion is indeed better than each on it's own, but MMA isn't fusion, it just breaks the styles then puts it together as something new.

Quite the contrary! an MMA fighter could be of two kinds: one who has mastered one style then added on from other styles or mixed it all up from the start. A MMA uses techniques of a style that is most affective for and in a particular situation conducive to the fighter him/herself. MMA fighter is usually effective (taught by Bruce Lee) in all the four areas in fighting (ie. w/o weapons). if he were to put a pure style fighter on the ground for instance ..all that stand up is nullified!

Most MMA gyms in my area have a kickboxing class, a grappling class, and an MMA class to put it all together. It is fusion, and the grappling is always evolving. The reason they use separate classes is because no one really knows what techniques and training works best yet.
I still see fighters on tv using their dominant style(usually Muay Thai). Brock Lesnar uses a lot of American folk-style wrestling.
So if you put a boxer against a similarly ranked MMA fighter, the boxer would win?

From the biomechanics point of view individual variations, height, reach, flexibility, optimal degree of freedom, partial and complete strength should play a role in how a technique is throw. A person who can squat 800lbs would throw his techniques differently then someone who can bench press 400 lbs. This is rather crude, but makes a point.
I am saying this, because there is a tendency for people to look at computerized models as shown at 1:30 and try to copy them.

if i get it right mixed martial arts mean he got all the fighting styles right i got taikwando and kickboxing i mix thre moves everytime wr going to had a free fight i kick the same kick in kick boxing and taikwando

LOL,,, this proves even if you know some martial arts, the bigger guy will still own you. sorry small fries.

Jiu jitsu does teach how the smaller guy should beat the big buy, but sambo and wrestling? weight is a HUGE advantage their.

sambo deals with more joint manipulation that jiu jitsu.
and wrestling is mostly speed and technique. I'm a varsity wrestler and a Brazilian jiu jitsu practicioner so i know..and i took sambo for 2 years

Well I wrestle also, got a vid on youtube not in my channel, got to go cuba, only times i ever lost was in heavier weight classes, so i know,,, their is a reason they have weight classes.

Is'nt martial arts meant only for development of the divine soul of homo sapien's physical body ? Why is all this outward chauvinism required ?

Notice the head gear on the striking dummy in Tito's elbow strike. There have been studies for years showing that head gear such as this expands the circumference of the head, thus increasing the power of the strike and making it more likely that the brain will suffer a shock for a knock-out.

Why would expanding the circumference make a difference?  It seems to me that the more surface area there is, the more spread out the impact would be. Not trying to be a dick, I was just wondering.

No problem. The pivot point of the head is the spinal column/neck area. Most knock outs are because of the jarring of the brain. The larger circumference causes more recoil of the neck/spinal column. The shock is a constant even though the head gear is soft. It may give, but it will still shock the brain.

Ahh, I see. As if you had a balloon tied to a stick. If you flicked the balloon it would shake back and forth and recoil. The bigger the balloon the more dramatic the shakes and recoil would be.

Thanks, appreciate the explanation.

Ha, well when it comes to head safety and such, you can never know too much.

Now I just need to hire you to investigate Craig's List scammers for me and we'll be all good.

LOL, I just stay away from that after the "Craiglist Killer" we had up here in New England. Neat concept for "honest folks" but honest folks stay away.

Nice to have this done through modern science but I imagine a little research on war history would demonstrate the same thing


UFC= tournament
MMA= sport/fighting style

UFC = A mma organization
the tournament ur thinking of is TUF The Ultimate Fighter its somthing run by the UFC

well yeah but it is a tournament in a way a very spaced out tournament with 6-9 week gaps between matches. the ultimate fighter is a reality tv show type tournament where the winner in each respective weight class is offered a contract with ufc

I have a question, im 14 years old i have have done Taekwondo since i was 10, yesterday i tried out MMA and it was good tough my arm and neck still hurt becuse of the chokes and locks, my friends say im to young for MMA so does my parents and i dont know if i should continue becuse i dont want to break anything or get hurt

you know the guys that do the worlds strongest man comps. you think those guys are on roids. cuase they can pick up cars and move trucks. you think they on steroids to do that or you think it's natural strength

to be honest we are so complex and advance organism, that every move you watch your body records it, and when the adrenaline strikes you start to remember them, and beat the crap out of inexperienced person, well if you want more control then memorize and practice after that street will be like going through Disney land.

haha your comment made my day :)

The typical pro boxer can punch harder than the typical MMA fighter and, the typical Muay Thai fighter can kick much harder than the typical MMA fighter. The MMA fighters put the basics of each together, but Muay Thai and, boxing fighters should have been featured.

I'm not saying they do or that they do not . . but it is possible that some of these fighters have previously been trained in Boxing / Muay Thai. I'd have to check their background. Regardless, the results are pretty impressive when you look at them in more detail.

yeah, lots of the fighters have backgrounds in a single way, and then learn the others as they progress

silva is a stryker pure and simple, thats all he does is strike, he may have some good jj, but he wouldnt use it if there was a ranking system 4 boxing rjj would be a 10th degree blackbelt, silva would get owned

Yes Cody but you made one mistake is your analysis:

Silva is not retarded.

You ever watch any of the early UFCs?

How many of those boxers and stand up fighters were able to KO a guy before getting takendown? A few did, most didnt.

Now i know what ur thinking, we're talking about Rjj who is a great boxer...but still, he has no wrestling or takedown defense. Odds are Silva would wade in with hands held high then shoot.

He'd tapout Rjj in seconds.

And hes not stupid, he fought a smart fight and he didnt care if it was boring, he cared about winning.

ok so becuase anderson didnt finish his last teo fights that makes him a bad fighter.i think the 7 fights he had before that were amazing enough.just face is anderson would tear apart rjj he is best with fighters that attack and espicially since rjj is one dimensional all he would have to is get him in a clinch he would be gone fuck a flying knee would finish him.he is not used to being hit by attacks that powerfull and i havnt even begin to talk about what he could do to him on the ground

eally, andersons gonna clinch up with a man who could ko him by grazing him with his pinkey knuckle, and even to clinch with roy, he would have 2 take a punch, and that punch would knock him out

im just stating what the facts are.anderson is a world class muay thai fighter i think he can take one punch and u seem to think that just because rjj is a boxer he is some ko god.anderson could keep his distance and land some good leg kick which would take away from roy punching power alot.roy is a completely one dimensional fighter yes he is a world class boxer but that will not get him a win in mma.

uhhh Boxing is very important in MMA,
Boxing fitness/conditioning and Boxing techniques, being a boxer is actuallt very good thing, being Muay Thai is also very good and has good kicks....Boxers entering mma usually start learning to kick

when did i say boxing wasnt important i just said he would not last knowing only boxing.he has takedown defense cant clinch grapple probably cant work well in a clinch being hit by knees into your liver.

roy jones is 50 times the boxer than anderson is a muay thai fighter, records indicate that, and with a mma glove on, rjj is a ko god

so your just gunna ignore the fact that anderson knows how to kick and can knee way harder than rjj can box.yeah he might be a ko god boxing but in mma he wouldnt stand a chance.once again anderson could leg kick him the whole and rjj wouldnt even be able to punch hard at all.the only place rjj is used to getting hit is in the face and torso.hes not used to having a muay thai pulled on him and knees flying in his face.he is completely one sided and that will not work in mma

ok buddy, if its so impossible for roy 2 win than y wont dana let it happen, it would be a serious blow 2 boxing if one of there best ever got beat, because he knows roy would win

Boxers are great fighters, I happen to be a former one, and it is hard training, BUT mma is ALOT harder

And in a street fight, boxing only does good if the fight doesn't end up in a grapple situation or on the ground, and most street fights do end up on the ground

I'd have to put my money on an MMA fighter any day over a boxer...

kicking is proven to use 60% more energy than punch, boxings a good sport but kickboxing is the way forward

im not a diehard mma fan, however a fighter called "cung le" has caught my eye- however i read a comment saying he wouldnt make it in "UFC".. is there that much a difference? i thought mma was, well, mma?..

first of all flloyd mayweather woudn't even fight sean sherk because the paycheck is 350x smaller then the one he gets fighting big name boxers.
second anything can happen in a fight

Mayweather would get owned in a street fight... he's a boxer not an all around fighter. Yes, he is an amazing boxer but Sherk is trained to fight in a fashion much closer to a street fight. End of story.

Sherk could never catch Mayweather.
Shrek vs Pacquiao?

I don't like Sherk that much, but he would kick Mayweather's ass for sure. He'd get picked up and slammed, and then submitted, in a heart beat.

Am I the only one bothered that Tito Ortiz made it into this bunch?

i think a good fighter should learn some kind of non impact form of fighting. jui-jitsu ( i think thats right) nin-jitsu etc. i mean they had a show somewhere on here where a few MMA guys took massive defeats when placed against non-impact forms. granted its not the best but it could work? am i right? wrong?

I think ufc is great entertianment and an excellent way for boosting cardio, but I think in street fights they probably would not fare as well. Just my opinion.

Tim Sylvia is shit though mate.
How can a boxer defeat an MMA fighter if it goes to the ground and trust me, 95% of MMA fights go to the ground.
I'm sorry but watch UFC 1, Art Jimmerson v Royce Gracie.

ufc fighting is great entertainment and the fighters (really actors) must undergo intense training. but in all reality they are street fighting dogs. ive seen fights like this in the street. ive seen men get who have skill far past this, its called chi, and the men who perfect it can beat theses fighters with their breath.

but still, why do all of these people wast their time defending "fighters" they dont even know?

Face it boxing is a dying sport and its going to stay dead.
MMA is were its at now you need more skill and guts to step in any MMA fight.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Muhammad Ali: Greatest fighting moments

The above short clip from the boxing battles of Muhammad Ali, has some of the greatest moments captured from his fighting history. Really amazing clip. Will copy paste some responsive comments from you tube from this video

* Ali is the greatest boxer who will ever walk THIS planet.

* That left hook is fucking massive, literally couldn't be any better.

for the above comment i wonder if he is talking about the left hook Ali took from Joe Frazier. Yes how did Ali got up after that. Ali was just not stinging fast, the ability to take the punishment, i have never seen in any pro boxer.

* In his prime no one could catch him. In his 2nd fight against Liston, he only threw 3 punches in the round, the third one got him so perfectly (1:21) that a lot of people never saw it and thought Liston took a dive

* Brother Muhammad Ali is the greatest athlete in the world.

He was fast, courageous and wasn'r scared to tell the truth.

No matter what you think of Brother Muhammad, he was a hero and a remarkable athlete that inspires others to love him and to honour him.

* norton did give ali fits...and frazier actually beat him and punished him so much you and i can never imagine ....but he beat frazier twice after his defeat and was involved in arguably the greatest fight of them all, the thrilla in besides being a great talker, he was if not THE best of all time, right up there with the top 2 or 3 no doubt about it!!!!!

* professionally Ali was like 56 and 5 as a pro. (with his best years lost)
Before that as a amateur he was 100 and 5.
Ali was a great boxer, he didn't drag his back leg like Frazier. He didn't squat down and come up with a power punch like Tyson. He did eat fist's all day like Rocky. He was a genius, the world's finest technical example of a boxer. A real athlete. Jack of all trades, master of all. Thats why he is the greatest.

* Ali was, not only, the greatest boxer, but the best entertainer, he had a wonderful sense of humour and a great personality, its a shame there is nobody like him now.

* awesomeness!!

* I think the main difference between Tyson and ALI is ALI made other champs in the biggest games look like shit. What you see in the clip are all title games.
Tyson couldnt do that on the biggest games against Hlyfield ore lewis. I agree that Tyson would have hitten ghosts if he would have played ali. and Tyson admitted it himself that ali is the best of all times and even an example for tyson

* He is the GREATEST!

What always amazes me is his ability to find his range with almost every shot, and his ability to read how his opponent is gonna move and punch to avoid being hit.

It's like he was just so good at reading peoples movement.

There will never be another Ali.

* ALi was winning almost every rd in the Foreman fight.
Ali came off the ropes lots of times to lay combonations to George's face.
Shavers lost by a unanimous decesion and the scores weren't even close if you play it back on youtube.
Liston tries like Hell to get to Ali and couldn't and the 2nd fight you can see his haed snap back from the shot.
Norton fights as well as Shavers and Frazier and Foreman were all past ALi's prime.
Ali would have tortured slow ass marciano, Louis and Dempsy.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hyungs (Taekwondo) Kata (Karate) Forms in Martial Arts

Forms in Martial Arts

Forms are an important aspect in most form of Martial Arts. Forms are techniques executed in air. Forms are developed for various results. Some forms require fast and powerful movements while some have graceful slow movements of arms legs and body. There are some forms which require both this movements, while the practitioner is moving with vigor and speed, suddenly the body comes into slow gracious movements.

Apart form the cardio vascular workout one gets from this Martial forms there is lot more to it. These forms where first developed for the purpose of meditation. Meditation in motion. What makes it meditation apart form the aerobic exercise the body gets?

Not much if the practitioner considers it as an exercise drill as an aerobic work out or a work out in gym. All the movements are memorized and the body goes through it in a routine way.

The other quality comes when the element of attention is brought towards own body and the movements each time the martial arts is performed. All the time the awareness or attention is on own body and see to it that the body is in firm and balanced position all the time. Many a times the students of Martial Arts are seen going through this form from mere memorized patterns. The eyes are on the ground most of the time. The eyes need to be focused of where a technique is executed. The neck and eyes perhaps have most important part to play and is neglected by most beginners and the instructors have to take care they are not neglected.

Suppose a block has to be executed, the eyes and mind should be looking for a technique executed by an opponent and block it with speed and vigor. When the mind sees a real attack, although it is thought of, the body will react with more speed and vigor, not a dead technique executed in air. Similarly for a punch or kick executed, if an opponent is visualized the kick and punch will move with speed and vigor, to stop him with that one powerful blow and it won’t be slow, else the opponent is not a dead piece of meat, if you are slow you will get one. All mind game but it works and the form gains a new vigor and attention.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mental attitude in martial arts training

Was watching pushing the limits brain power on discovery channel. It showed some true incidents of how the human body pushes the limits when in extreme dangerous situations. A man can run faster than a human body can normally do when in extreme dangerous situations.

This part of human consciousness, the hidden power of mind can be put to the martial arts training. This mental aspect is not limited to any particular form of martial arts as it is not a physical technique, but something to be done with the mind while practicing those techniques.

Bruce Lee's statement in the movie Enter the dragon, 'Boards don't hit back' says a lot. It has been a favorite of number of martial arts practitioners around the world.

Yes sure boards don't hit back, neither do the punching bag or other stationary articles used to practice the different striking techniques. All the martial arts schools start with performing and practicing the techniques in air and on the advanced level shadow boxing or shadow fighting drills are also important part of training. And there is nothing to hit back to you.

This can leave a very important aspect of training the alertness, one can go on doing the techniques in a unconscious manner just training the body to move according to the technique and sharpening the same.

Using the alertness and mind can bring about a great change. Suppose while training on the bag if one sees the most dangerous opponent instead of the dead bag. The fear created can bring about much intensity and speed in the techniques. The body and mind is relatively more alert. i used this while practicing on the bag and could feel a drastic change in the speed and the power.

The body reacts in much faster and the intensity of the punch or kick is far greater. Even when te body gets tired, and we think of an good opponent ready to ponce on you, you keep going, the body is pushed to its limits. It won't push to the limits if there is a dead bag in front of you.

In those days i would think of facing the best that i felt Muhammad Ali and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez . Then no amount of practice would bring satisfaction. More speed, more alertness, otherwise you are a dead meat.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ninjutsu or Ninja - Human Weapon History Channel

The Human Weapon HistoryChannel's television show about Ninjutsu after posts on Muay Thai, Eskrima Stick Fighting and MMA or Mixed MartialArts, posts on this blog.

The art of Ninjutsu was introduced to the world through many martial arts movies. Often the those who knew this art, or where the masters of this art called Ninja or Ninja warriors where shown as having super natural powers like getting invisible or showing acrobatics skills beyond human limits and the use of various weapons. This perhaps was due to the techniques of stealth, spying and the sudden stealth attacks where used by the actual Ninja warriors.

While the Samurai warriors of Japan were trained in head to head combat, with the use to known weapons like swords. Ninja were the ones who were trained in the expertise of spying and stealth techniques along with the combat techniques with or without the weapons and the training also included many acrobatics techniques dealing with the conditioning and balance of the body in various difficult situations.

In this episode Jason Chambers and Bill Duff travels to Japan to unlock the mysteries of the secret and deadly martial art of Japan called Ninjutsu or popularly known as Ninja. These two guys will travel in Japan, visit some well known schools of teaching the Ninjutsu shadow and deadly weapon techniques and also explore a hidden Ninja camp.

As stated above various, Ninjutsu was born of the battles of supremacy in Japan. It literally means the art of invisibility. While the Samurai battled in the battlefields, Ninjas did the dirty thing spying, sabotage and assassination. Although the spying and the stealth called the dirty work, it is the one of the main aspect of modern day weapons and fighting strategies of all countries.

Ninjas played a powerful role in shaping Japanese history. As Japan modernized, there was no need of Ninjas and the Ninjutsu techniques dissipated in various martial systems like Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido. All this Martial arts of Japan where influenced by Ninjutsu.

Ninjujstu cannot be a martial sport as it has varied disciplines and fighting techniques like spiritual refinement, unarmed combat, sword fighting, staff fighting, throwing and grappling, spears, bow and arrow, small stars and various other small weapons, explosives, water training, disguise, horsemanship, stealth and entering methods as well as escaping method. It cannot be captured in a ring.

In a modern Ninja Dojo they meet an instructor, Yost Fulton. As always they gets the challenge after they learn few techniques of Ninjutsu. First they meet Sensai Seishi Horibe, the instructor of close combat with short knife. In certain areas of Japan the peasants and ordinary people could not keep weapons. So they developed deadly techniques with weapons found on the streets. Small weapons in the hands of an expert were deadly.

They take few lessons with the short knife strikes and defense, wearing the safety glasses. Here they are shown a technique, with the motto 'attack after a good defense'. which works well with any kind of combat. They are shown a Jiu Jitsu style take down of the opponent with knife, and striking him while he is down in pain.

We get a lesson through a video tutorial for this Ninja Technique.

Some instructive comments from first video clip from you tube

* hatsumi isint the last ninjutsu master , ther lots of ninjutsu master around the world , hatsumi is just the last memeber of an iga family

* Karate would actually be influenced later on once the Japanese took control of Okinawa and Karate started to spread more northward, Judo and Aikido I know nothing of, and ninja were more for information and sabotage, assassinations were more secondary. Also you might wanna look around more because there are many books that attribute ninja's to empty handed and weapon combat...just not in the traditional sense...

* The problem with most books on Ninja is that they aren't accurate. The reason for this is because there is little-to-no historical accounts of the Ninja to back up the many claims associated with them. While they did indeed exist, further details are few in number and often obscure.

* Wow, talk about misinformation. Ninjutsu didn't influence any of the arts they listed. Karate was developed on Okinawa and it was based on the previous Okinawan Martial Arts (which were based on Chinese Martial Arts). Judo and Aikido were based on Jujutsu. And Jujutsu was developed by the Samurai.

* Also, according to historians, Ninja's were more focused on information gathering rather than assassination and sabotage. Believe it or not, there's little information that supports the claims that ninja's were skilled in empty-handed or weapon combat or at least trained in those arts.

Part 2, Jason and Bill goes to learn the technique of moving away from the strike. Not to get hit and avoiding it, still not losing the balance and eyes of the opponent. Very important in any form of Martial Arts or combats.

Here they watch some techniques of falling on the ground and rolling on the ground while maintaining the balance, not getting hurt while falling or rolling, and the vision on the opponent. This i guess is not taught in many martial school, but has it's own importance. My first martial instructor was not a martial instructor at all if i look at the striking techniques he taught. What he did in the beginning was made countless drills of falling down and rolling on the ground. that did not help me much in ring as those were strike based sports competition. But it did helped me during a couple of auto accidents where the body fell in the way that it got mimimum damage and also on the few occasions of slipping down.

Jason and Bill find it difficult in the beginning and then had to perform the technique of falling down and avoiding the razor sharp sword attack. Than the master shows a grabbing locking and take down move. We get a online lesson of this great Ninja move from a video tutorial. It's impressive and practical move.

Than they move to learn some techniques of throwing small weapons. The master there shows them to throw the most iconic weapon fueled by the Ninja Movies, the throwing stars. He shows the few grips and release of the stars before throwing them at the target. Both the fighters get some practice of throwing the stars on the aiming boards. Stars were mainly used to disguise the opponent before the attacks that followed, sometimes they could be a deadly weapons too. The master explains that in ancient Japan it was a crime to own weapons for any other people than the Samurai. So the fighters other than Samurai had to rely on smaller weapons not easily seen. Hence this form of weapons came in existence.

Next they go take lessons in sword fighting. They visit the Dojo of Sensai and Ninjutsu Master Toru Hashimoto. The master demonstrates some real good slashing techniques on the target made of bamboo and fiber. The sword would slash the thing in pieces without pushing it too far giving a fine finish to the cut part. The essential result of a good technique. I use to visualize my hands or kicks as swords cutting swiftly through a bamboo stick so that it does not get pushed far of. Jason later tries to cut the bamboo resulting in pushing it. Also while striking the punching bag with punches or kicks it is essential that as the techniques gets polished and refrained, the bag does not get pushed, unless a pushing technique is being is practiced.

Here they learn some Ninja sword strikes. They find that the swords are razor sharp and learned to respect them a lot while training. They get a dinner at the retaurant of the master himself. Many you tube users found this guys a bit disrespectful cracking jokes at the wrong time.

Then it the time for their training under the eyes of Masaaki Hatsumi.

Time for their testing training in the forests of city called Iga. Here we get to see home on Ninjas, designed for escape, stealth and disguise. With trapped doors, tunnels and cross walls.

The training in the jungle on the river is worth watching. Similar training methods are used by army training by most countries. The training conditions, improves balance and speed.

Last video watch the challenge

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners

expertvillage does not allow their videos to be embeded on other websites or blog. so here is the link you can follow and watch the videos on youtube.

Take free online Karate lessons from our martial arts expert.

This video play list is has tutorials lot of techniques from Koden Kan Martial Arts for beginners. As the title suggests the lessons given are for beginners. For those who are thinking to join the martial arts school or has just joined. Free online Lessons from these video clips one cannot possibly become an expert in Martial arts moves like kicks, punches, grabs and their defense.

The techniques shown in this play list are Roundhouse Kick, The Noogie , Hair Grab Move , The Wedge Move , forward snap kick, uppercut punch, forward heel stomp, side grab, short side thrust kick, back heel stomp kick, reverse punch, round house block, basic stance, round house punch, forward thrust punch, scooping block, rising block, outward block, double knuckle punch, inward block, two finger push away, small circle inside grab, front windmill move, rear windmill move, downward block.

Monday, June 2, 2008

MMA training tutorials - Videos

These are some very good videos i found on yo tube for MMA training purpose, a good online tutorial videos for MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques for some good ground fighting and submission techniques. All the videos by expertvillage are very short video clips that gives good MMA or martial arts lessons in detail for one technique.

Hope yo enjoy and learn some great effective techniques by following the links to you tube and include them in your workouts.


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Pro MMA training and technique advice! Learn all about takedowns in Mixed Martial Arts in this free online video covering takedowns, throws, and stances.


Pro MMA training and technique advice! Learn how to do a double leg takedown in this free online video covering takedowns, throws, and stances.
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