Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Best Of Genki Sudo fun to watch

Well this is the first video i watched of Genki Sudo, really impressive fighter. The versatility of this man is amazing, the different styles he has competed at a high competition level.

These kind of fights are quiet serious and could be much damaging, this guys confidence in these highly dangerous match is worth watching. The relaxedness he shows in the ring during the fight is the key for his great fighting skills.

He can dance in the middle of the fight, and quiet confident and aware of what is going on, always ready for a defense or and attack while in the lighter moment. The lightness of the mind in the middle of a possible highly destructive match is what i liked about this guy.

No wonder Genki Sudo has a great fan following. Also this video comes with a good song Limp Bizkit sung for the movie Mission Impossible 2

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