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Boxing - Top 10 Greatest Knockouts Ever

Comments from the Turk15 one who uploaded the video on you tube :

Skill, Devastation, Historical Signifigance, Fame, Adversity, Quality of opponent, a clean ko without multiple knockdowns. These are most of the things i've based this list on. Enjoy the greatest knockouts the sweet science has given us.

This is by no means an OFFICIAL top 10, it's still an opinion and you can add yours. There's no way everybody can agree with 1 list.

He is probably right looking at whooping near to 1000 comments that the video gets on utube, so many minds so many views, overall it's good information from so many boxing lovers.

Now some comments from boxing lovers on this video

the buster douglas knockout should definitely be on there. before that nobody even came close to beating tyson and that knockout was significant because it was all downhill from there on out for tyson. plus, he did get knocked the **** out pretty good

* (historical signifigance)how could chavez taylor not be here and roy jones was in that lame ass didnt even put up a fight? either way, cool vid

* No offense I thought most of em sucked.

* i like the insturmental. is it phil collins????????????

* no ALI? no TYSON? WHAT!

* plus george forman had a fight before and knocked some guy off of him feet with a uppercut and knocked hmi clean out?

* lol....tyson and buster douglas should not of been on here...obviously you've never seen tyson versus francois botha, tyson was well past his prime and still demolished him with the one punch knockout everyone knows tyson posseses, to be quite honest this video is almost there, just watch sopme early tyson and you will c better knock outs....peace

* Nice. The songs the drumming gorilla thing

* Rocky was the best only one heavyweight never been down - cool clip

* no Ali?

replies : never really had one amazing looking knockout despite all those wins.

Ali vs. Foreman!!?? Rumble in the jungle!! one of the most surprising, historic, and significant knockouts in the history of boxing!!

Prime Lewis vs. Prime Tyson = Lewis!!!

* Thanks Turk. Prety good list. I hate seeing the clip where Iron Mike goes down though...that was of the beginning of the end of a legend

* #4 is Julian Jackson KO Herol Graham
#2 is Tommy Hearns v Duran
#9 is Tyson Michael Spinks

* I have are some questions...

10. Roy Jones vs Montell Griffit
9. Mike Tyson vs Who???
8. Lenox Lewis vs Who???
7. Joe Walcott vs Ezzard Charles
6. Who??? vs Who???
5. James Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson
4. This is Sugar Leonard? vs Who???
3. Floyd Patterson vs Who?? (Ingemar Johansson?)
2. Sugar Ray Leonard? vs Roberto Duran
1. Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcott

* #6 is Sugar Ray robinson Vs. Gene fullmer. That really deserves to be #1. That punch is widely regarded as the "picture perfect punch", or the greatest and most perfect punch ever thrown. Ray robinson is also regarded as the greatest p4p fighter who ever lived. Gene Fullmer had an iron chin from High Hell and had never been knocked down before that fight.

* I'm no expert on boxing (have been getting into it heavily for the 2 years) but I love #6. I can only imagine what it must have been like to see the current and seemingly indestructible champion Fullmer get knocked out with a "picture-perfect" hook by a much older Robinson. That's just too classic.

* thanx for the post great midi and video

* number 3 should of been number 1 personally but pretty accurate list :)

* for me, the best KO ever was

Muhammet ALI vs Georg Foreman

* frasier vs ali 1, round 15, frasiers left hook knock down. got to be there somewhere. cleanest punch i have ever seen. but "the greatest" did get up so don't know if that counts

Reply : yes i still wonder how Ali got up after receiving that blow. Awesome that tells the story of great ability of taking the punishment of the all time greatest

* listen to this shyte.
as if age has anything to do with ability to fight.
Leonidas was in his 60's at thermophylae.
oh but you thought it's all in the muscle...a great example of why ignoramouses should keep their mouth shut and dueling should be made legal again. i'm sure chavez is great at what he does. but he's a "super feath light weight". I know over a dozen guys who can knock him out...

* j.c chavez world champ at super feafther light weight and light welter brilliant fighter if you know anything about boxin then you should know him as for marciano all the people he beat were old e. charles 37 ,j. louis was about 38 and archie moore was well in his 40s,marciano was a cruiserweight if he was around today he only ever weighed about 13 and a half stone i ,ali tyson foreman lewis holyfield the list goes on him they would have destroyed him,

* j.c chavez world champ at super feafther light weight and light welter brilliant fighter if you know anything about boxin then you should know him as for marciano all the people he beat were old e. charles 37 ,j. louis was about 38 and archie moore was well in his 40s,marciano was a cruiserweight if he was around today he only ever weighed about 13 and a half stone i ,ali tyson foreman lewis holyfield the list goes on him they would have destroyed him,

* Rocky was a heavy weight dude, I'm pretty sure he'd knock out this Chavez who ever he is.

* That's right..Rocky Marciano the greatest boxer ever..49-0

* Awesome, but where's Ali?

* Right!! where is ALI ALI ALI!

* number 3 was one beutiful punch

* NICE video man! marciano is a great fighter but Ali is the best !!!! and Avery dont be jealous he is who he is so thats it he was a great fighter if u like it or not

* marciano,unbeatable

* Marcianos fights were fixed by the mob. He sucked!!

* these guys are all just chuck norris in disguise.

* hey this chuck norris facts thing is old so quit your shit

* yeh Hearns, duran best bfight ever.

* how do you not even put ali over foreman on the list at all?

* i agree with shurikan, the most significant knockout of all time left out.

* Thats Rocky Marciano

* Herol 'Bomber' Graham. Such a shame. One of the best boxers never to become a world champ.

* Roy Jones JR. is the most exiting boxer you could ever wtch in your life soon i will give directions of where to buy the career collection:)

* Where in the hell is ali knocking foremans ass out?

* Number 3 has to be one of the most powerful left hooks ive seen from an orthodox fighter. Great vid mate and love the music :)

* You should've added Ali Vs Foreman or Lewis Vs Tyson

* last uppercut on #5 drugs tyson.

* 5 IS ******* AMAZING

* number 4 was perfecT!!!

* Yo number 3 was sick!!!! Johansson's feet were twitching went he was out cold!!

* Rocky was the best

* Rocky was the best

* i love these choices but no ali? no joe louis? i agree with about 4 or 5 of them tho. the joe louis vs max shemling should be up there.and rumble in the jungle. and a jack johnson fight

* Great choice, nice to see Lewis Rahman 2 in there.

* Glad to see you got one of Julian Jacksons knockouts up and the Hearns-Duran too!
Not that many folks know about Julian "The Hawk" Jackson. At one time he sported a 98% knock out rate for years. The knockout of Buster Drayton and Terry Norris are in the 50 knockouts of all time!

* marcianos ko came like a bolt from the blue, no setup whatsoever (and he needed it), whereas tyson was absorbing punishment prior to the ko, which comprised about 10 unanswered punches. #1 was truly historic and dramatic.

* great vid, #1 was right on !

* i agree with the number one they reckon that was the hardest punch ever thrown in boxing history

* tito's knockout of vargas was was nwodo being knocked out last yr...pretty good selection tho...also foremans ko of frazier shud've made it....

* Hey Btw again Awesome Video I agree with the Rocky being #1 =)!

* Great Video I think you should post some videos of some New fighters KO I Think the first Kelly Pavlik vs Jermain Taylor was one of the Best comebacks in Boxing history Kelly is a True Champion

* i think Chavez Taylor was the best of all

* I'm fairly certain that was Sugar Ray Robinson knocking out Gene Fullmer.

* You honestly think that Lewis/Rahman 2 was better than 1? Lewis was hit with a clean, solid and powerful uppercut that put him down in one shot. And, it fits in your criteria for knockouts. Rahman became a househld name for a short time after that punch. You may want to rethink #8. IMO

* best ko is when mohamad ali ko goerge foreman 1

* i like the way you put the video together, well done indeed. i do however feel you could have replaced some of those KO's with different ones. darnell wilson-vs-emmanuel nwodo, nonito donaire-vs-vic darchynian, vincent pettway-vs-simon brown...all could have made the list over a few you got now, but i dont mean to hate, i like that u have some of the classic one like walcott-charles... that was devastating! check out the ones i listed, you being a KO lover you will like them. thanks for posting

* Well, the Ali-Foreman has a few negative factors about it. Everyone knows that Foreman was more 'out' because he was exhausted, so that scraps away devastation and fame(famous for being a knockout, not victory) which are IMO the most important. Also, imo Duran was a bit past prime, but he was never KO'd before and certainly not like that. Hearns was the only one capable of doing that to Duran.
Anyhow, you have the right to criticize, because even I see some flaws about this list today lol.

replies : well, lets see, if you say that then its more an argument of which is the more POPULAR knockout which makes the catagories you listed - "Skill, Devastation, Historical Signifigance, Fame, Adversity, Quality of opponent, a clean ko without multiple knockdowns" seem false. dont get me wrong, i love your vid.

Thank you. I respect your opinion, but you are reffering to a Top 10 Victories list, not a pure Top 10 Knockouts list.
I never hear anyone ever say anything about the Ali-Foreman KO. "You remember that right hand Ali finished Foreman with?" You don't hear any of that. It was a great combination, though

* i've always liked when Tyson knocked out Spinks, but the greatest is the Marciano Walcott knockout

* you need to watch sugar ray's perfect punch if anyone has ever seen it!! I dont know why its not on there!!

* Great work man.. Nice list. Two knockouts that I would have added for sheer significance would be Hagler vs Hearns and Ali vs Foreman. But as you say it's totally subjective.. A great list Turk!

* You forgot Joe Frazier??? His incredible left hook knockdown againts Ali should have been a top 5

* great video man, you should make one with body-punch KOs now, ;)

* If you want knockouts of historical significance how about Ali KOing Liston? For sheer power, where is Foreman beating the shit out of frazier?

* Muhammad Ali was big fast and can take the best of punches. Ali never was laid off for 3 and half years from boxing and came back to capture the title. Before his title taking from him he was untouchable. Louis, Marciano was to small and slow for Ali.

* Where is the MUHAMMAD ALÄ°?

* I love UFC but boxing will always have my heart =0)

* in my opinion ufc is better than boxing because the knock outs are more brutal and they actually go out cold, not just woozy and can't stand up, OUT COLD!

* Maybe that's because the guy that goes down gets an extra free-shot pounding on his cranium AFTER he's out cold already. These men can create the same effect with 1 punch, and can't dontinue to pound when they're down already.
In my opinion that's what makes me like MMA less. Great sport, but the knockouts have no honor. Boxing has better punch-KO's, and K-1 has better kicks as well.

* hell yeah well deserved first place for the rock. although i was dissapointed there was no ali.

* Arche Moore was a veteran of 100 or more fights by the time he fought Marciano and was essentially a light-heavyweight

reply : Yes, Fight and beat. Rocky knocked out Ezzard Charles twice, Joe Louis and Archie Moore. All Hall of famers. And everyone says he beat an old Louis but in Rockys last fight when he was well out of his prime he beat a prime Archie Moore. You have to be able to fight at a high level until the end to be the greatest.

* Come on guys Ali would have danced and jabbed his way all over Mariciano especially in his prime. I don't even think Mariciano could beat Joe Frazier or Holmes. But you can't compare Era's you can only fight the people they put in front of you. But Mariciano was a great champ and I don't think you can say 1 champ is better than any other unless they fought against each.

* You muppet! Listen to what you are saying.. In those days there were loads of dodgy dealings going on, esp with the Mafia. many talented black fighters were not given the chance to fight for world titles in those v.racist times, same shit in Jack Dempsey's day 1920s, that's why he had title so bloody long! Todays world is more FREE & open, TRUE talent can rise to top. As for pills, weights etc, if it was that easy FRANK BRUNO would be one of the GREATS! Nah, your argument is crap,

* Marciano was fighting when guys didn't even know what a weight room was and had no idea that health is important for boxing.

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