Monday, March 10, 2008

Video Tutorial Blocking punches and low kicks

This is a nice video tutorial by Jerome Le Banner, French professional kickboxer and K-1 superstar, famous for his aggressive fighting style and knockout power. He is also known as "Hyper Battle Cyborg" or "The Bulldog of Normandy".

Jerome Le Banner teaches, blocking the punches and low kicks in this video clip. He starts with the blocking of punches which are thrown in boxing, kickboxing or Muay Tai style. There are various styles of blocks and dodging for attacks from punches and kicks.

While teaching Taekwondo, Khan Do Kwan or kick boxing, i notice many beginners or amateur fighter's reaching too far away to block a punch or kick. This is perhaps normal human tendency as almost all beginners tend to do so. Here the professional kick boxing fighter demonstrates how the punches should be blocked. Just a little movement of hands close to own body. Not reaching too far out, thus exposing the face and body for other attacks. Other thing happens when one reaches far out for a block is that one loses body balance is not completely ready for a next move, may be defensive or attacking move. And there are so many ways to block a single kind of attack. Jerome Le Banner, just shows that. In the fighting situation the body responds to any of the trained block. Important thing 'NOT TO REACH OUT FAR WITH A BLOCK AND MAINTAIN YOUR OWN BODY BALANCE', body and mind should always be in an active and balanced state to deliver an attack or make a defensive move.

Some of the blocks are designed in such a way that they help in a counterattack. One learns this while training with a partner as shown in the video.

Other important thing the beginners seems to much is dodging. I have notices that the beginners when put in sparring drills or when they enter a competition, they are too occupied with the defense , that too the wrong way as stated above, and they never or seldom try to move a little bit away from the attacks or dodge them. I love watching the Muhammad Ali's fights, where his attention on opponent's body is always and how he moves a bit away from most of the powerful attacks. Another champion fighters that i noticed using this technique a lot are Genki Sudo and Serkan Yilmaz. So moving away or dodging just enough to avoid the attack is one very important fighting technique, which has to be developed by training with a partner, where the students awareness and awakeness and attention on opponents moves is much required with the body moving for attacking kicks and punches or defensive moves.

This two techniques are very important in boxing as well as all Martial Arts forms like Khan Do Kwan, Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, MMA, UFC, Muay Thai ............

Jerome Le Banner demonstrates various styles of blocks to the low kicks. Low kicks are not used in many fighting sports like Boxing, Taekwondo and Karate, however are widely and effectively used in Muay Thai and Kick boxing and MMA.

To summarize this kind of training with a partner. One has to stay focused always, always attentive and remain in a balanced position. This gives a huge upper edge towards the kicking and punching techniques practiced in air or on punching bags or targets. However these training has it's own importance, and one must go through them making their punching and kicking techniques better before the training drills with a partner.

Another important thing to note in this video is to train with proper gears for safety.

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