Friday, May 30, 2008

Chuck Norris demonstrates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In this video clip is shown the demonstration of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques by the legendary martial artist and actor Chuck Norris with Carlos Machado. The demonstration was given in Germany Budo-Gala 1992.

I remember growing up watching Chuck Norris movies before I actually started training in TKD (Taekwondo), boxing and kickboxing.

Grtandmaster Javed Khan also gave us lessons of other martial arts along with these in pursuit of making an overall better fighter. The other being combat techniques of ground fighting and grappling borrowed from arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and wrestling. He use to tell us you have good striking techniques like punching and kicking, what if somebody gets hold of you or you go on the ground while fighting, you need better ground fighting skills then.

Chuck Norris movies were favorite with me and my cousin, those days cd and dvd were yet not in the market. We used to get the movies on video tapes from video tape library and would coax the owner to get more. The owner once gave me a tape of Muhammad Ali's greatest fights, which contained clips of actions from Muhammad Ali's fights. Watching that tape again and again brought about a great change in my fighting style. Mostly the gracious movements in the ring with relaxed body while fighting and speed. I remember in those days of watching this tape I read about selection of boxing competitors for state level boxing championships.

I with my friend rushed where the selection was to take place. I had training of Taekwondo then but none of Boxing. All the boxing knowledge I had was watching the tape of Muhammad Ali's greatest fights. My body had imbibed that so well. There my previous martial arts instructor was present as on of the trainers. He did not like me as I had switched over of Tae Kwon Do training With Master Javed Khan. He and other trainers tried everything to prevent me from getting selected. I was pitted virtually with each of their best boxers. Weight category had no meaning when it came for my sparring training. I used weight 62 kilograms and was pitted till 92 kgs weighting opponents all trained and with ring experience. Beat them all went to the state level and became the champion in my weight category, by KO in the first round victories in two bouts I was suppose to fight. Well for national Championships, the loser of the finals against me was sent. They know the reason why.

Some interesting and instructive comments for this video on youtube

man of the millenium(Chuck Norris). nobody else with his status is such a good person. and helps so many other people.

* that standing over the head arm-bar was sweet.

I never knew he knew Jiu-jitsu, i thought he was just a kick boxer/tae kwon do guy.

* my understanding is that chuck is actually partially responsible for bjj(Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) coming to the u.s. way back before anyone knew what bjj was he was buying schools for the machado brothers to teach here. that's what i've heard anyways.

* Why would he armbar someone when his roundhouse breaks every bone in their body?

* Chuck's movies may not've been the greatest, but I've always been impressed with his desire & willinness to learn more & train with the best in a wide variety of styles. His persistence in working out, period, is impressive when you compare him with someone like Steven Seagal; Chuck is, what, 15 or 20 years older than Seagal, but Seagal's in pathetic physical condition apparently because he lacks the self discipline to train hard. Yeah, Chuck's something of an inspiration

* lol helicopter armbar.

* You should read about Chuck Norris more, he does know BJJ and was a big promoter of it in the martial art magazines back when he was really famous, he studied BJJ religiously and includs it in his own system, Chuck KwanDO

* I wonder what would have happened if chuck fought royce at ufc 1

* Machado doesn't just give out black belts. Norris earned it.

* shortly after this video chuck norris demonstrated his roundhouse kicked and immediatley killed everyone within a 2 mile radius...

* The Machados appeared on an episode of Walker Texas Ranger.

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