Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners

expertvillage does not allow their videos to be embeded on other websites or blog. so here is the link you can follow and watch the videos on youtube.

Take free online Karate lessons from our martial arts expert.

This video play list is has tutorials lot of techniques from Koden Kan Martial Arts for beginners. As the title suggests the lessons given are for beginners. For those who are thinking to join the martial arts school or has just joined. Free online Lessons from these video clips one cannot possibly become an expert in Martial arts moves like kicks, punches, grabs and their defense.

The techniques shown in this play list are Roundhouse Kick, The Noogie , Hair Grab Move , The Wedge Move , forward snap kick, uppercut punch, forward heel stomp, side grab, short side thrust kick, back heel stomp kick, reverse punch, round house block, basic stance, round house punch, forward thrust punch, scooping block, rising block, outward block, double knuckle punch, inward block, two finger push away, small circle inside grab, front windmill move, rear windmill move, downward block.


  1. you might what to renew your video they are out of date. Thank you.