Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boxing gear basic equipment for training

This online streaming video from you tube shows the equipment used for boxing training. First he shows are the hand wraps. Very important for both training and fighting. Hand wraps saves the hand from minor injuries while training on Punching Bags and while sparring practices. They are also good support to the wrists.

Next are the bag gloves for practice on punch bags and light sparring or shadow boxing. And boxing gloves for sparring and shadow boxing while training. Boxing gloves gives the protection to the hands of one wearing them and the one getting hit also gets less impact than the bare hands.

Next are the light weight boxing shoes, helpful for moving around. Then is the protector which protects hip area and groin area, very important as a missed or slipped attacks in this areas could result in some serious or fatal injuries without this protection. Lastly the mouth piece, they come in various styles, considered one of the basic needs of the boxing bouts.

The punching bag shown is also a basic requirement for the training purpose.

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