Sunday, March 2, 2008

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams 1966

This online streaming video on you tube have some clips of the fight between Muhammad Ali and Cleveland Williams. Muhammad Ali in this fight was young, and one can see the vigor in his body, the series of lightening fast punches he delivers.

Cleveland Williams, a tough boxer was finding it difficult for answer to the fast and powerful combinations of punches from Ali. The fury of the punches where not only fast and powerful but one can see most of the time they were accurate too. Ali watches the opponent before firing those lethal combination, he does not just throw the series of punches blindly, the opponent is well read before it starts. And this watching the opponent also rings about the dodging of the opponents powerful blows, which looks so natural.

One thing more one may note is also not seen too often. Ali knocks his opponent down while moving backwards, really he knows punching with effectiveness in most conditions.

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