Saturday, May 17, 2008

Conditioning exercise drills for combat sports

Below is the video of conditioning drills by Carl Gotch. Few of the drills shown here are really effective for conditioning of the body and various weak joints of the body. worth watching and implicating for the Martial artists training for combat sports like boxing, kickboxing, muay Thai and MMA.

some interesting comments from you tube for the above video.

  • all this exercises must make their torsos ridiculously built, no wonder they work so well for wresling
  • That's basic but pretty creative!
  • Gotch was born August 24, 1924. The product was produced in 2000, but the clip here is time-stamped April 1995, making him a still-respectable 70.
  • You were one of the few real deal in submission wrestling. Shooto fighters, Sakuraba, Ken and Frank Shamrock proved your submission techniques do work in outside of the pro-wrestling arena. I really miss you.
  • omg, those look beastly!
  • i am definitely doing these next time, with a friend! :D
  • Is the older guy Karl Gotch? Find it bit hard to believe
  • How is it hard to believe? He was born in 1925, making him 75 when this video apparently came out.

Below is yet another good drill shown in the short video clip by an expert Martial Arts trainer

some interesting and also instructive comments from you tube for the above video clip

  • Excellent drill. I have a variation on this that I have been doing for a few years now where you have a partner seated in front of you with focus gloves on. As you pop up off the floor from the push up you punch the focus glove, alternating punches on each push up. This builds very fast and explosive punches.
  • that is hard my max was like 2! lol
  • -bam-
  • do regular pushups like 3 sets of 10 then slowly add 5 every week....ull be able to do these easy when u hit like 30 each set

below is the video showing another drill one arm push up, which apparently does not look like push up, it has a comment on you tube that practicing or training this exercise might hurt and weaken the wrists.

below is the video of a rope drill conditioning for combat sport shown by some cahmpions

if you liked what you saw in above video they have given the link for more on you tube.

some climbing exercise drills below from the same website

and lastly a medicine drill for this post, will be searching and putting more such drills on this blog, till than you can try and condition your body from these drills

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