Sunday, May 18, 2008

Speed and setup in Martia arts and Combat sport

The above video clip has a very good demonstration and tutorial of speed practice on punching bag. Training for any Martial arts form like Taekwondo, Karate, KungFu or combat sports like boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai or MMA. The speed is a very important accept of training. Lot of beginners or even advanced trainees, strive too much for power in their punches and kicks or any other combat movement like grappling or take downs.

In the pursuit of power they forget or neglect the more important aspect the speed. In fact it is the speed that gives power or it is the speed that brings about more damage. I always give example of why a bullet shot from a gun brings more damage than a car moving at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. It is the speed that brings damage . So speed is equal to power or greater the speed more the damage.

Yet the speed has to be executed with the proper technique that brings about the power. Punching or kicking just with the hand or leg, with speed does not serve the purpose. They have to be executed with proper techniques that bring about power, using the whole body behind the punch or kick. While punching it is not only the hands that punch, but the shoulders, the hips and the thighs that participates. While executing say the right punch, the body has to be divided in two parts left and the right. To bring the maximum power to the punch while punching with the right hand, the left shoulder and left hip has to be pushed back which gives much help to the right shoulder and hips that are push forward.

I always tell student that while punching not to think as the hands are punching but the shoulders and the hips are punching, the hands are the extension and the weapons used for punching. Same goes for the kicks.

There is also a another plus point for the speed. It is very difficult to judge the oncoming attacks for the opponent when the techniques are delivered with speed, apart from the damage they inflict on the opponent.

There is one more important aspect of speed the techniques when trained on punching bag, speed targets or in air has to be practiced with speed and multiple attacks also shown in the video. When techniques are practiced in that manner, they come out when in sparring or the bout. This helps to setup the opponent for a clean hit with a punch or a kick. Most of the time it is very difficult to get your opponent with a clean hit with a single technique. A combination of fast moving punches and kicks is needed for the same.

Few more tips i take care of while training or giving the lessons to the students on speed.

  • Don't think that a punch or kick is over when it reaches the target. For example the left jab or a round house kick when executed in practice should not be considered over while practicing in air, bag or target pads. The punch or the technique should be considered complete, when the punch or kick reach it's target and come back. To elobrate more on this, suppose we are executing a left jab. The left jab should not be considered over as it reaches the target, but has to be snapped back from where it started, with the same speed. This brings us back into a attentive position and ready for another technique. Many students throw a kick consider it over when the kick reaches the target, the speed is given up and the leg drops. Huge mistake. The kick has to be snapped back, the heel comes near the thighs with the same speed, bringing us back in a much stable stance from where we can defend or attack. If it is not done while the leg is dropping, our body is in no way a stable or attentive position, leaving it an easy target for opponents attack, forget about the follow up attacks with another punch or a kick.
Some comments on you tube for this video

  • Your videos are freaking awesome , I've been looking for instructionals like these forever, these have really helped me. And I've just ordered my new punching bag , so I've got alot of new things to practice on it!
  • as usually this guy is really good thanks man u hv helped me tonnes of times and now and won many matches casue of u . I hope u could make anyother vid about how to increase speed in kicks that 1 i would really aprreatiate. bb ! thx
  • Nice. Well-spoken and intelligent approach to helping people with the basic elements. Look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks.
  • Absolutely. This video focused mainly on boxing. I might just have to do a TKD specific kicking drill video. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • U want a good exemple of an illussion type fighter just watch any roy jones fight. He distracted his opponents and landed the KO punch right after. Some called him a show boater but thats just how he won fights
  • Your right it does help. It doesnt make you grow anymore fast twitch muscle fibers, but it does make the technique easier to throw and it developes muscle memory, so it is easier for the muscle to make that motion.

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