Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Muhammad Ali: Greatest fighting moments

The above short clip from the boxing battles of Muhammad Ali, has some of the greatest moments captured from his fighting history. Really amazing clip. Will copy paste some responsive comments from you tube from this video

* Ali is the greatest boxer who will ever walk THIS planet.

* That left hook is fucking massive, literally couldn't be any better.

for the above comment i wonder if he is talking about the left hook Ali took from Joe Frazier. Yes how did Ali got up after that. Ali was just not stinging fast, the ability to take the punishment, i have never seen in any pro boxer.

* In his prime no one could catch him. In his 2nd fight against Liston, he only threw 3 punches in the round, the third one got him so perfectly (1:21) that a lot of people never saw it and thought Liston took a dive

* Brother Muhammad Ali is the greatest athlete in the world.

He was fast, courageous and wasn'r scared to tell the truth.

No matter what you think of Brother Muhammad, he was a hero and a remarkable athlete that inspires others to love him and to honour him.

* norton did give ali fits...and frazier actually beat him and punished him so much you and i can never imagine ....but he beat frazier twice after his defeat and was involved in arguably the greatest fight of them all, the thrilla in manila.......so besides being a great talker, he was if not THE best of all time, right up there with the top 2 or 3 no doubt about it!!!!!

* professionally Ali was like 56 and 5 as a pro. (with his best years lost)
Before that as a amateur he was 100 and 5.
Ali was a great boxer, he didn't drag his back leg like Frazier. He didn't squat down and come up with a power punch like Tyson. He did eat fist's all day like Rocky. He was a genius, the world's finest technical example of a boxer. A real athlete. Jack of all trades, master of all. Thats why he is the greatest.

* Ali was, not only, the greatest boxer, but the best entertainer, he had a wonderful sense of humour and a great personality, its a shame there is nobody like him now.

* awesomeness!!

* I think the main difference between Tyson and ALI is ALI made other champs in the biggest games look like shit. What you see in the clip are all title games.
Tyson couldnt do that on the biggest games against Hlyfield ore lewis. I agree that Tyson would have hitten ghosts if he would have played ali. and Tyson admitted it himself that ali is the best of all times and even an example for tyson

* He is the GREATEST!

What always amazes me is his ability to find his range with almost every shot, and his ability to read how his opponent is gonna move and punch to avoid being hit.

It's like he was just so good at reading peoples movement.

There will never be another Ali.

* ALi was winning almost every rd in the Foreman fight.
Ali came off the ropes lots of times to lay combonations to George's face.
Shavers lost by a unanimous decesion and the scores weren't even close if you play it back on youtube.
Liston tries like Hell to get to Ali and couldn't and the 2nd fight you can see his haed snap back from the shot.
Norton fights as well as Shavers and Frazier and Foreman were all past ALi's prime.
Ali would have tortured slow ass marciano, Louis and Dempsy.


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