Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hyungs (Taekwondo) Kata (Karate) Forms in Martial Arts

Forms in Martial Arts

Forms are an important aspect in most form of Martial Arts. Forms are techniques executed in air. Forms are developed for various results. Some forms require fast and powerful movements while some have graceful slow movements of arms legs and body. There are some forms which require both this movements, while the practitioner is moving with vigor and speed, suddenly the body comes into slow gracious movements.

Apart form the cardio vascular workout one gets from this Martial forms there is lot more to it. These forms where first developed for the purpose of meditation. Meditation in motion. What makes it meditation apart form the aerobic exercise the body gets?

Not much if the practitioner considers it as an exercise drill as an aerobic work out or a work out in gym. All the movements are memorized and the body goes through it in a routine way.

The other quality comes when the element of attention is brought towards own body and the movements each time the martial arts is performed. All the time the awareness or attention is on own body and see to it that the body is in firm and balanced position all the time. Many a times the students of Martial Arts are seen going through this form from mere memorized patterns. The eyes are on the ground most of the time. The eyes need to be focused of where a technique is executed. The neck and eyes perhaps have most important part to play and is neglected by most beginners and the instructors have to take care they are not neglected.

Suppose a block has to be executed, the eyes and mind should be looking for a technique executed by an opponent and block it with speed and vigor. When the mind sees a real attack, although it is thought of, the body will react with more speed and vigor, not a dead technique executed in air. Similarly for a punch or kick executed, if an opponent is visualized the kick and punch will move with speed and vigor, to stop him with that one powerful blow and it won’t be slow, else the opponent is not a dead piece of meat, if you are slow you will get one. All mind game but it works and the form gains a new vigor and attention.


  1. Hi Alpesh..I'm planning to join martial arts class basically for self defence purpose.I have never done any before.

    What do u suggest is best for self defence purpose esp women?


  2. Hi Anjali,

    Joining the right kind of Martial Art School is a little difficult task for a beginner.

    Just take a look at Few Martial arts schools near by and watch what is being one, and follow your inner instinct. Look for a instructor who explains in details, each technique he/she is teaching, a teacher who explains each technique in details and answers student's queries in proper scientific and athletic manner should be a good teacher.

    It's not the name of Martial art which is important when you chose to learn, but the knowledge and being of instructor.

    As for martial art for self defense, just look for Martial art for a stronger being than what you are, mentally, physically and spiritually.

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