Thursday, March 13, 2008

What not to do in the ring

This online streaming video on you tube is titled 'Fastest Ultimate Fighting Knockout Ever', and indeed it looks that way. Not just ultimate fighting but perhaps in any contact sports, if not the fastest it has to be one of the fastest knockout in the history of contact sports.

The time it takes for the knockout in this video clip is less than the time taken for the first blow delivered in the most competitive contact sports, fought n the ring, at any level. Funny or sad, i don't which way to say it, the knockout happens even before the commentator, completes his first sentence, would any body believe it? perhaps not, watch the video clip to believe it!

The fighter in the right shorts with strips one of the two fighters from Chris Clements and Lataro Lucas, runs towards the opponent, he runs without the attention on his opponent. Thats the reason how important is Training with a partner, is so much important.

Actually this kind of rushing can be used very effectively, as it gives much more power to your punch, due to the momentum of the body which is moving in. I have seen Muhammad Ali, applying this technique in some of his fight, when his opponent has been knocked down and is recovering with the ten counts. Muhammad Ali starts moving in towards his opponent with the eight count, realizing that his opponent is in no good shape. The way Muhammad Ali moves is quiet different, than the dumb move we see in this video. Muhammad Ali's eyes are always watching his opponent, not just when moving in for a kill, all the time he fights. His right hand would be in the position to deliver the strongest of punch, as there is no need for the left jabs to set the opponent for a strong right. And he delivers the right punch first, followed with a fury of fast combination of the punches, for the KO.

Inspired by his videos even i had used this technique effectively, in the times i competed in boxing and kick boxing. If this technique is utilized at right time, with attention on opponent, after judging his strength or perhaps weakness in this case, it is a sure winner.

Here the knocked down opponent does almost all the possible error one can do, causing and instant embarrassing knock down in the seconds, after the bell rings.

First his opponent is all fresh, he was not expecting such a move all he had to do was deliver a right punch right on the face and the momentum of his opponent body does the rest.

Second he is moving too fast than needed, almost sprinting and third even his hands are moving in the way as if he is sprinting for a hundred meters dash. God, how he entered the ring at that competitive level. Left hand should be stretched out to keep your opponent away and the right held behind his shoulder for maximum impact.

All that he has done here should be strictly avoided, running too fast in, hands waving down and most important where is his attention. He runs blindly, when neat his opponent he pays attention to his opponent, realize that he has moved away, tries to stop but cannot due to his very fast speed of running in, and as he tries to stop gets a good clean punch right on his face that puts him down.

It was a predetermined move, determined that he will catch the opponent in the corner, and the opponent moves a little bit away, now this is one big mistake. Never ever predetermine in a fight, just put your attention on your opponent's moves and the trained body respond.

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