Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mental attitude in martial arts training

Was watching pushing the limits brain power on discovery channel. It showed some true incidents of how the human body pushes the limits when in extreme dangerous situations. A man can run faster than a human body can normally do when in extreme dangerous situations.

This part of human consciousness, the hidden power of mind can be put to the martial arts training. This mental aspect is not limited to any particular form of martial arts as it is not a physical technique, but something to be done with the mind while practicing those techniques.

Bruce Lee's statement in the movie Enter the dragon, 'Boards don't hit back' says a lot. It has been a favorite of number of martial arts practitioners around the world.

Yes sure boards don't hit back, neither do the punching bag or other stationary articles used to practice the different striking techniques. All the martial arts schools start with performing and practicing the techniques in air and on the advanced level shadow boxing or shadow fighting drills are also important part of training. And there is nothing to hit back to you.

This can leave a very important aspect of training the alertness, one can go on doing the techniques in a unconscious manner just training the body to move according to the technique and sharpening the same.

Using the alertness and mind can bring about a great change. Suppose while training on the bag if one sees the most dangerous opponent instead of the dead bag. The fear created can bring about much intensity and speed in the techniques. The body and mind is relatively more alert. i used this while practicing on the bag and could feel a drastic change in the speed and the power.

The body reacts in much faster and the intensity of the punch or kick is far greater. Even when te body gets tired, and we think of an good opponent ready to ponce on you, you keep going, the body is pushed to its limits. It won't push to the limits if there is a dead bag in front of you.

In those days i would think of facing the best that i felt Muhammad Ali and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez . Then no amount of practice would bring satisfaction. More speed, more alertness, otherwise you are a dead meat.

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